What’s Swiss
and faster than
100 squirrels?

Find out!
Swiss and faster than 100 squirrels

Magra cutting unit for hazelnuts, cocoa beans and almonds

Efficient evaluation of dried fruit has never been easier. The MAGRA Cutting Unit allows exact cutting tests with hazelnuts, cocoa beans and almonds. Faster, cheaper and more precise than any squirrel! MAGRA 4 for 100 hazelnuts and MAGRA 14 for 50 almonds or cocoa beans.

40 years Magra. Since 1979

Troval slide grinding machine

Small parts deburring has never been easier. With our WSG 30 or WSG 50 you can deburr all sorts of materials in a fast, easy and gentle manner.

Special purpose machinery manufacture

We design and manufacture high quality special purpose machinery. Get in contact with us to discuss your needs.